Brave dog whose tail was cut off using a kitchen knife lands new job with police

He was once a victim of horrifying violence and abuse – but now he’s saving lives alongside his rescuers. Buddy the 10-year-old rescue dog was in a terrible condition after his cruel owners cut off his tail with a kitchen knife and blasted him with a rifle.

RSPCA inspectors didn’t believe they could recover the Buddy’s body from the air rifle wounds and flea infestation – but Chief Inspector Jayne Forrest, of South Yorkshire Police, did all she could to help nurse him back to full strength. Now, he spends his days bringing joy to officers and staff.

Seven years later, the plucky pup has left his criminal past behind for a new deployment as a South Yorkshire Police well-being dog – helping officers with stress and trauma.

A spokesperson for the force said: “Buddy had been used to rile pit bulls before they were made to fight.

“When officers found him, Buddy had fleas, ticks, worms, and an infected tail after his owners had cut it off with a kitchen knife.

“He’d also been shot with an air rifle so many times, the RSPCA didn’t think they could save him. But Jayne decided she could.”

The spokesperson added that Buddy was still a bit “nervous” around other dogs but he had brought a “calming presence” to the team.

They said: “Our wellbeing dogs are deployed to any teams who have been exposed to danger, stress or trauma in the hope they’ll provide some light relief and a much-needed distraction.

“Buddy is still understandably a little nervous around the rest of the Wellbeing Dog team, but he’s a lovely calming presence.

“The team is just one aspect of the wellbeing support offered to police officers, but they are certainly the cutest.”

Another police dog being praised for his hard work is Romeo the crime-sniffing K9, after he caught a suspected car thief hiding half-naked in an attic.

Dramatic body-cam footage shows the moment Romeo led his team of officers to the loft, where the burglar was curled up behind a wall.

The 26-year-old man was chased by police after he rammed into one of their vehicles in a stolen BMW on August 3.

The driver sped off before being pursued by traffic cops to Beeches Road in Oscott, Great Barr, Birmingham.

Superintendent Jim Munro, of West Midlands Police, said: “Not only have we found and located a stolen car, but a potential lethal weapon and illegal drugs have also been found and taken off our streets.”